Resin Bangle Set - Lemon Lime - Martha Sturdy Style

Resin Bangle Set - Lemon Lime - Martha Sturdy Style

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Chunky set of two Resin Hand Crafted bangles.  One is chunkier and is in a translucent lime green color and the other has more of an organic shape is in a lemon yellow color.  Great set, attributed to Martha Sturdy.  

Martha Sturdy is a Vancouver Canada based designer, known for her Runway/Statement jewelry and designer Home Accessories. Her eye for detail and craftsmanship is bar none, expert in both Resin and Metal.
Sturdy has been designing jewelry since the 1970's and has also been featured in Vogue Magazine Editorial Photo Shoots. In the more recent years, Sturdy has solely been focusing on her Home Accessories, but has returned to making her Wearable Sculptural Jewelry.

The openings in the bangles vary, but are roughly 2.5" in diameter                          The yellow bangle is approx 3.5" from edge to edge and is 0.5" deep                     The green bangle is approx 3.25" from edge to edge and is 1" deep
No hallmark, but attributed to Martha Sturdy
Good vintage condition with appropriate wear for their age.

Materials: Resin

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