Rare Guy Vidal Human & Bird Necklace - Brutalist Modernist

Rare Guy Vidal Human & Bird Necklace - Brutalist Modernist

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Rare Guy Vidal large human and bird necklace.  Vidal was a master of juxtaposing textures, this piece has a balances smooth and textural.  His play on negative and positive space is extraordinary.  This piece most likely represents peace and empathy of others. 
A sensational piece, by one of the best Canadian sculptors.

Vidal is a true master at sculptural pieces of wearable art, his work contains depth, texture and stunning stylized design. Often regarded as the best of the Canadian Modernist of the 1960-70's due to his unique and highly stylized designs.
A true work of wearable Modernist Art.

Measures 2 1/8" wide x 2.5" tall
The chain measures approx. 29" in total length  
Hallmarked using Vidal's "3V" logo
Vintage condition with dark original patina and wear appropriate to age.

Materials: Silver Pewter 

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