Pal Kepenyes Necklace - Zodiac Milagros Charms

Pal Kepenyes Necklace - Zodiac Milagros Charms

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Pal Kepenyes kinetic astrological/zodiac charm necklace. This piece is made out of bronze with layers of kinetic charms.  I have counted 27 charms in total (give or take 2).  All the zodiac signs are represented in this abstract beauty. 

Kepenyes is a world renowned sculptor and jewelry designer original from Hungary. A political prisoner for 5 years, Kepenyes eventually set up his studio in Acapulco Mexico, creating his own art of kinetic and unusual art. His work has been exhibited from France to Japan and in notable art collections such as Madonna's.

The inner circumference is approx. 14-14.5"
The main piece with all the charms measures 4.75" tall x 2.5" wide
Signed on the back "Pal Kepneyes" 
Vintage condition with appropriate heavy patina and wear for it's age.   

Materials: Bronze
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