Maryon Kantaroff Necklace - Rare Canadian Sculptor

Maryon Kantaroff Necklace - Rare Canadian Sculptor

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Prestigious Canadian Sculptor Maryon Kantaroff pendant.  This piece of wearable art is made out of polished silver with gold plate in a wonderful Modernist shape.  Curved, almost organic shape makes this sensational pendant.
Maryon's work is very rare and she is considered to be one of Canada's premier sculptors. Her Jewelry was made in very limited numbers.

Maryon Kantaroff, born to Bulgarian immigrant parents, grew up and was educated in Toronto, majoring in Piano at the Royal Conservatory of Music and in Art and Archaeology at the University of Toronto. She was assistant Curator at the Art Gallery of Ontario and a recipient of a Canada Council Grant, with post graduate studies in American Ethnology at the British Museum in London.
Kantaroff is a founding member of Toronto New Feminists and is a passionate public speaker, both as a feminist and an art historian. She has exhibited extensively in England, Europe, Canada and the United States, including solo exhibitions in London, Milan and Munich. Her sculptures range in size from monumental to very small and include limited edition jewelry. Her works are sensual, aesthetic, and her powerful forms evoke images of human origins.

Measures 2 3/8" tall x 0.75" wide.
Gold tone chain (not original to the piece) measures 32" in total length
Signed "Kantaroff 78"
The pendant is structurally sound.  This piece does have some condition issues with the gold plating.  The plating has worn off in spots revealing the silver under.  Could easily be worn still as a two tone metal piece.  

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