Eve Kaplin Earrings - Memphis Design - Sottsass

Eve Kaplin Earrings - Memphis Design - Sottsass

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Bold Memphis Design clip earrings made by Eve Kaplin.  These are made out of enamelled metal in what looks like a lily pad or artist pallet design.

Eve Kaplin
Kaplin's whimsical enameled jewelry was first created in the 1970's in New York. Many of her pieces are kinetic (movable) allowing the wearing to change the piece as desired. Sadly, in the early 1980's Eve Kaplin passed away at the age of 28.  Kaplin used to sell her work at the MoMA and has work in the Smithsonian.
Kaplin's works of wearable art are very rare and highly collected.

The earrings measure approx. 1.25" tall x 1.5" wide
Vintage condition with some minor enamel loss.  

Materials: Enamel Metal

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