Early Anne Dick Necklace - Molten Bronze - Brutalist

Early Anne Dick Necklace - Molten Bronze - Brutalist

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Early & large Anne Dick necklace with textured organic links in mixed metals.  This piece is made out bronze, sterling silver with Anne's signature "ball U links".  This is a heavy piece, with a bold raw look.  The last piece of the pendant features a molten piece of sterling silver.  This is a beautiful piece, a true statement.

Anne Dick
Anne Dick was a pioneer in the American Craft Jewelry movement of the 1950-70’s. Learning the process of welding and metalwork in the 1950’s, Anne started her career by making sculptures and jewelry for herself. Anne created one-of-a-kind necklaces, earrings, bracelets, pins and other pieces in bronze and sterling silver.
Her work rivals some of the best American Modernists of the period in craftsmanship, quality and design. Anne’s work is growing in popularity as she is being recognized by the Modernist Jewelry Community as the pioneer she truly was.

This is hard to measures but is approx. 20" (without the front pendant piece)
The pendant portion measures 4" wide x 3" long

No visible hallmarks, this is typical of her early work.
Good vintage condition with wear and heavy patina.

Materials: Bronze, Sterling Silver

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