Bernard Chaudron Necklace - Cubist Grid

Bernard Chaudron Necklace - Cubist Grid

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Unique Bernard Chaudron Necklace made out of Silver Plated Bronze. The pendant has a wonderful abstract cubist grid design. This is a stunning piece and is not for the timid.

Chaudron's jewelry is very rare, only creating his enamel jewelry in his early career. The enamel work is breathtaking, it almost "glows" in certain light.
His work is uniquely different but comparable to the other great Canadian Brutalists such as Larin, Vidal and Alfandary.

The Pendant is approx. 3" long x 1.25" wide..
The chain is about 20" in total length.
Hallmarked "B.Chaudron"
Necklace is in good vintage condition with appropriate wear and patina for it's age.

Materials: Silver Plated Bronze

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