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Abstract Jozsef Peri Kinetic Necklace - Orange Enamel - Hungarian

Abstract Jozsef Peri Kinetic Necklace - Orange Enamel - Hungarian

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Large Jozsef Peri bronze abstract necklace with a orange enamel ball.  Wonderful textural piece with built up complex layers of bronze.  This piece also retains Peri's original chain, hand crafted flattened bars.  The pendant has an almost other worldly feel to it, very atomic.

Jozsef Peri is a Hungarian Goldsmith, working in both sculpture and jewelry.  Peri won numerous awards and was showcased throughout Europe during the 1960-90's.  He became the Holy Crown of Hungary Commission Expert Goldsmith in 1989.  Peri's work is often kinetic, highly textural and pulls inspiration from early Hungarian design. 

The chain is approx 28" in total length
The pendant measures approx 3.5"x1.75"
No visible hallmarks
Good vintage condition with appropriate patina and wear for it's age.

Materials: Bronze,Enamel

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