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Guy Vidal Catalog - Canadian Brutalist Jewelry

Guy Vidal Catalog - Circa Mid 1970's

Guy Vidal is one of Canada's best known and respected modernist jewelry designers of the 1960-70's. He started creating his unique wearable art in the early 1960's and eventually closed his studio in the late 1970's.  Vidal's designs are highly prized in many private collections and have been showcased in museums across Canada. 

This catalog is only a glimpse at what he was producing during that moment in time.  Many earlier designs were omitted from the catalog shown here and new ones have yet to be added. 


Vidal used various hallmarks throughout his career:

  • earliest is hand-signed with a sharpie marker.
  • 1966-70 used the "GV" hallmark.  (sometimes referred as the "checkmark" or "dinosaur")
  • 1970-late 1970's used the "3V" hallmark.  (sometimes referred to as the "flower")
  • 1973-late 1970's he added the addition of the "VIDAL" nameplate when space permitted.