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Bernard Chaudron Catalog

Bernard Chaudron Catalog - Circa 1960/70's

Chaudron was a Canadian metalsmith at creating wearable sculptures.  Primarily working Bronze (occasionally Sterling Silver), his pieces are often inlayed with Resin or Glass Enamel.  The backs of his pieces are often highly finished giving the wearer a completely different look when worn backwards.  Chaudron produced a vast amount of designs and many of them are not in this catalog, this is just what he was producing at the moment this was released in the late 1960's.  Lesser known of the Canadian Brutalists, however those that do know his name collect his work for their depth in design and uniqueness.  

His pieces were typically signed by hand with a "B.C.", "Chaudron", or "B. Chaudron".   His sterling pieces often were signed with a double circle design that represented a cauldron.