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Guy Vidal - Brutalist Jewelry Designer 1970's

Guy Vidal is one of Quebec's best known and respect Modernist jewelry designer of the 1960-70's. He started creating his unique wearable art in the early 1960's, his earliest pieces were handcrafted, one of a kind and often signed with marker.  

In 1966 Vidal started to create molds for his pieces, also at this time he introduced his "GV" hallmark.  In 1970 Vidal introduced his "3V" also known as the "flower" hallmark and in 1973 he started adding a name plate "Vidal" onto pieces (when space permitted). 

Vidal's jewelry is know for their deconstructed yet constructed design, which can be slotted into the defining term of Brutalism.  Many contemporary designers from Quebec have pulled inspiration from Vidal's designs such as Anne Marie Chagnon, Jean Claude Darveau, Sonia Ferland (Osmose) to name a few.  

One last note, his name is Guy Vidal not Gilles Vidal.